essence trend edition "live.laugh.celebrate"

Beauty News: essence trend edition “live.laugh.celebrate”

Wow essence is turning 15, which reminds me of my first make-up shopping sessions as a teen girl. Because since then I really like the products of essence cosmetics.


essence trend edition "live.laugh.celebrate"


Join us in celebrating our sweet 15th birthday! The new trend edition “live.laugh.celebrate!” Celebrates the joy of life, which essence has been spreading for 15 years from April to June 2017 and invites all beauty lovers to a huge birthday party.


essence – highlighter powder “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - highlighter powder "live.laugh.celebrate"


The powdery highlighter provides a natural glow on the cheekbones. At 1,49 €


essence – fixing powder “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - fixing powder "live.laugh.celebrate"


The transparent powder fixes the party look and makes it durable. At 1,49 €


essence – palette 4/8 “live.laugh.celebrate”



Thanks to the click mechanism, the 4 and 8 pallets can be very easy with four or eight

Favorites. With cool, colorful beads in the lid for shaking. Create your own party-mix!

To 1.49 € (4) and 1.99 € (8)


essence – eyeshadow “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - eyeshadow "live.laugh.celebrate"

essence - eyeshadow "live.laugh.celebrate"


Eyeshadow in ten different It colors with velvety texture for filling the pallets. At 1,49 €


essence – mini brush set “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - mini brush set "live.laugh.celebrate"


Stylish glitter brush set in travel size with powder, eyeshadow, eye blender and lip brush. To 3.99 €


essence – make-up bag “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - make-up bag "live.laugh.celebrate"


The absolute highlight at the next party: the holographic bag, which offers space for many favorite products. To 3.49 €


essence – shimmer blush “live.laugh.celebrate”



The silky blush in apricot and rose gives freshness to the complexion. At 1,49 €


essence – lip base “live.laugh.celebrate”


essence - lip base "live.laugh.celebrate"


The light base provides the ideal basis for applying the lip powder afterwards.

At 1,49 €


essence – lip powder “live.laugh.celebrate”



Give a trendy matte finish in pink and berry: the soft lip powder. At 1,49 €


essence – glitter lipstick “live.laugh.celebrate”



The glitter lipsticks in silver and purple ensure sparkling statement lips. To 2.79 €


My favorites


Happy Birthday essence! I think they have hit the topic well. I like the brush set and the lipsticks. Great also, that there are again new colors for the pallets and new pallets. I really like the glitter theme.


How do you like the upcoming trend edition for essence’s anniversary? How long has it been since you bought your first essence product?


  • Reply Isabella Monday March 13th, 2017 at 01:50 PM

    Das Kosmetiktäschchen und die Lippenstifte finde ich echt meeeega cool;) Tolle Produkte, muss ich mir genauer im Handel anschauen;)

    • Reply flowery Monday March 13th, 2017 at 10:56 PM

      Ja die werd ich mir auch anschauen 😀

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